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A life of high strangeness

Night visitors

Tiffany Gellner


If you Google “Celebrities that have had sex with ghosts” you’ll be surprised at how many articles you’ll come across. Anna Nicole Smith readily admitted to having frequent sexual encounters with a ghostly visitor and just recently the pop star Ke$ha discussed her “ghost sex” with Ryan Seacrest on national television. I know what you’re all thinking. This has to be complete garbage right? Anna Nicole Smith, really? She was frequently pilled out of her mind. And Ke$ha? Has to be a publicity stunt. Well I’m here to tell you it’s entirely possible. Why? Because it has absolutely happened to me. It has happened to me so many times that I honestly don’t remember the first time it occurred. I remember it starting around puberty though, about the same time the OBEs started.

Not always is the encounter sexual, and I admit not all the sexual encounters have been unpleasant. Sometimes a girl gets caught up in the moment. Sometimes a girls been single for 2 years, and just needs to do what she’s got to do! But most of the time I’ve had experiences with some entities that just seem to want to forcefully attach themselves to me for the sake of feeding off my energy, whether it be fear or anger. I refer to all of these entities as Energy Suckers. For what is sex, but another form of energy exchange right? They have also been referred to as the Incubus and Succubus throughout history. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines incubus and succubus as: Demons (male and female, respectively) who seek to have sexual intercourse with sleeping humans. I do not believe in demons. What I do believe, is that most of these beings are dis-incarnate entities that are attracted to certain types of people for many different reasons. Sometimes these entities are seeking a sexual encounter because that is what was most important to them when they were in physical form. Sometimes these beings are attracted to fear and negative energy. If someone is a bad person in life they can sometimes carry that over into the afterlife. These beings can range from annoying to downright nasty. I try not to use the word evil when describing these entities because I feel like this heightens the fear of the individual having the encounter and takes away their personal power. Words are power and these beings do not have to have power over you. A wonderful line from a quote by Robert Monroe comes to mind, “There is no good, there is no evil, there is only expression.” I frequently think of this line now whenever I have a negative encounter with a roving entity that’s up to no good.  I’ve mostly gotten used to dealing with these nighttime visitors and I have my own personal mantras and payers to banish them from my space. I’ve gotten much stronger and more confident in my abilities over the years but I’ve defiantly had some encounters that were down right bone chilling. I recall one such event when I was in my early twenties. I was laying on the couch one evening reading “The Tree of Life” by Israel Regardie, when I started to feel a bit sleepy. I set my book on my chest and put my glasses on the coffee table. No sooner had I shut my eyes than I felt two hands sliding up my inner thighs. “Oh no,” I thought, “Not again, not now.” I really wasn’t in the mood to be honest and I started to get angry. “NO WAY!” I affirmed. “YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION! NOT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!” Usually this affirmation will take care of the weaker clingers but this guy was strong and angry that I had resisted him. I call “it” a guy because this entity was defiantly identifying as male. Most of the entities that have sought out sexual encounters with me have been of a male energy. I held fast to my mantra and called on my personal guardians to help me banish this unwelcome guest. I could feel his hands moving up my stomach and onto my breasts. At this time I started to panic, I could feel the oppressive energy weighing heavily on my chest. I tried desperately to resist but was seemingly losing the battle. I gathered all my energy and tried one last time to force him off. As I did this I opened my eyes to a frightening sight. There was a massive, heavy and dark humanoid cloud hovering inches from my body. We were literally face to face! I could only make out slight facial features but what I could see was twisted with anger. He then screamed right in my face, as a last ditch effort to frighten me I assume, and disappeared. Needless to say I did not sleep well that night. Yikes.

These encounters have followed me into the present and still happen to this day but on a much more positive scale. While I still get the occasional energy sucker or lusty bedroom visitor, my experiences these days are mostly with consciousness’s looking to communicate with me. Some are lost, some just want to be heard, and some are attracted to me because I can see or hear them. Unfortunately I can’t turn these experiences on or off at will at this point. I can’t make them happen when I want them to and they usually do happen at the most inconvenient times. I am currently working on honing my skills so that I may at some point soon learn control them. This blog is a chronicle of my journey thus far. I don’t have all the answers, but I will keep searching, learning and experiencing in the hopes to enlighten myself.